Site Q Resources

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Leadership of F3 Louisville
  3. YOUR Responsibilities
    1. Before
    2. During
    3. After
  4. Making a Shovel Flag
  5. Google Q Calendar
  6. WordPress and Slack
  7. AO Badges
  8. AO’s and Site Q’s
  9. Freed to Lead

Google Q Calendar

We use a shared Google Calendar for all Qs and upcoming events. You should have the ability to add and/or edit events. If you don’t, contact the Commz Q who can help with access.

The Calendar auto-populates the website that shows upcoming Qs/ Events. It also shows a linked calendar that can be found through the menu of the website. The actual calendar can be found here:

It is strongly recommended that you add the Google Calendar App to your phone to enable easy access to add Qs to the calendar. When adding a Q to the calendar, make sure this box is checked to validate you are adding it to the correct calendar:

As noted, Site Qs should all have calendar access to “Make changes to events” whereas Commz Qs and the F3Louisville Leadership Council should have access to “Make changes and manage sharing.”

If you have questions, please reach out to the Commz Q.